Dissonance #1

Story: Singgih Nugroho
Art: Sami Basri

I read Dissonance #1 last night and I gotta say, the idea was original and the character design was damn cool. It was a pretty good first issue with a good setup. It honestly felt a little like a movie trailer, with a lot of the back story explained through voice-over so we could jump right into the story the creators wanted to tell. The genre so far is Fantasy/Sci-fi with what appears to be a deep political/social story.

Here be the quick summary: A world in the Multiverse has crazy advanced technology and is populated with anthropomorphic beings who CONSTANTLY blow each other up. They lack morality and know it, so they go looking and find Earth (somewhere around the 17th-19th century?). They wanna bond with humans and gain a conscience. They are sorta like Spirit Animals but they can share a mind with you. This also leads to even cooler looking characters, and like, plot advancement. The plot so far seems to revolve around a sort of Illuminati composed of these hybrids and a family (with troubling problems) who all work together to control humanity. This title looks to be a social/political/thriller/action deal.

Highlights: The plot has a lot of potential, the world building has amazing potential, and the character design is amazing. The artist is top notch on this one! A wide variety of cultures visually influence the art. At least to me, I see Asian, Mexican, and Egyptian styled visuals on the anthropomorphic characters. They could make some really kickass poseable figures on my desk.



So yeah, this site is basic, and so is my writing.  I’ll try to be short and concise, with thoughts on different titles and try and give you more info on specific titles than what you get from quick press copy but less than those huge reviews you see when you’re standing in front of the comic rack trying to google a title to see if it’s worth picking up.  So, maybe something you can read quick while you’re standing in the store.  And maybe fewer run on sentences…  But more sentences that start with AND.

Now, I may get stuff out before a specific title comes out, but probably not.  Sorry?  I will also try and talk about stuff that’s been out an issue or three so that I have a better idea where a book is going.  Getting much from issue #1 is HARD sometimes as indie titles are, honestly, written by newer people and the idea is amazing, but issue #1 is… vague.  So, I LOVE independent comics and want to share that.  I plan to only write positive or neutral things about the titles.  I don’t see room for negativity and I won’t looking to write anything like that.  The people behind these books worked hard to get them published.  Who the hell am I to try and “sweep the leg”.  Cobra Kai.  Anyways, I’ll try and kick this off soon!  Oh, minimal pics too.  I mean, chances are, if you found this blog/page/whatever, you know what the title is you’re literally staring at.  I guess I could put cover art up so you can check against that, or I could just put in the creative team names and published date.  That should be enough right?!

DB!! out


Image Comics and Nerd Stuf

So, I’ve been reading comics for about 25 years?  Yeah, sounds close enough.  I have also been going to the convention things about as long and talking with the artists and writers of the stories I love.  Been to conventions in Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, Kansas City, Colorado, and a few points in between.  Also made it to SDCC which was INSANE and I needed to go once, and that’s enough.  On my wishlist is ECCC and NYCC.  One day, Universe.  I really only read Image comics these days and decided I could start talking about them and writing reviews.  I also think I’ll write like I talk, so sentences may start out weird.